Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Pan vs. The Republic. OF PIE.

Hey all, it's been awhile- lots to catch up on. But it's the holidays, so let's talk PIE.

Apple Pan Hickory burger and fries- add some pepper to that ketchup!

Banana cream pie at Apple Pan- practically perfect in every way.
On the Westside, we have the well-established Apple Pan- casual,crowded, counter style dining. Excellent burgers, excellent fries, but an even more excellent banana cream pie. Burger of choice has the be the Hickory, but the pie really steals the show. There are other flavors and options of course, but those are my personal go-to's.

Republic of Pie's Banana Creme.

Now by the NoHo area, you have the Republic of Pie, so no question as to what they're all about. Their banana cream pie was more presentable and definitely delicious, but I prefer the "fresh-out-of-oven-made-by-grandma" feel of Apple Pan's. I also tried something like a chocolate pudding pie (picture) and that really... took the cake.

Both places are still recommended for some good ol' American pie action though.

10801 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

11118 Magnolia Blvd
San Fernando Valley, CA 91601

Republic of Pie's chocolate "something-or-other-I-forgot-tasty-though"

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