Saturday, December 8, 2012

Iguanas Ranas means Taco Noms. (NOW CLOSED)

Actually translates to "iguanas frogs", odd, I know, but as long as they have good tacos, I'm in. And I'm really picky about my tacos... as in I don't usually eat them.

Add some guac salsa to those specialty tacos... oh yeah.

Their specialty tacos are perfectly balanced in taste and adding their homemade salsas (strawberry salsa- what?) makes them even better. I've tried the Al pastor, Barbacoa, and Tinga (shredded beef with chile chipotle) and to top it off they have a rare Orange drink at their soda fountain that some people grew up with as kids. I'm not familiar with the name but it's rare, whipped, frothy and extremely sweet. A perfectly good combination for a taco run that hits the spot.

138 N Brand Blvd
Suite 100
Glendale, CA 91206

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