Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sushi Hiroba. (NOW CLOSED)

Meanwhile, on the search for the best sushi in LA...

We tried Sushi Hiroba for Valentine's via a Groupon-type thing. It wasn't a bad experience but the sushi and its portion sizes could have been better.

Seven Samurai Roll.
What this restaurant really has going for it is atmosphere- dark wood decor, conveyor belt bar with cute, colorful plates (they sometimes put food on), specialty rolls with movie and pop culture themes.

Mike had the Seven Samurai roll- Panko shrimp, spicy tuna & jalapeno topped with albacore, tuna, avocado and a mountain of crispy onions with swet garlic ponzu. It was only a little better than the overpriced Marilyn Monroe salmon roll I ordered at the recommendation of our server (meh).

Green Tea Tempura Ice cream.
What we truly enjoyed was their green tea tempura ice cream. It was just as tasty as it looked, incredible.

We probably won't be back here unless there's another online offer, although I'm tempted to come back for more ice cream...

> Sushi Hiroba
776 Vine St
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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