Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Din Tai Fung Super Lunch.

Spicy dumplings. (delicious.)
Shimp & Pork Shaomai.
If we want to talk about epic mealtimes, this was it. Din Tai Fung, home of the steamed dumplings. I'm not going to to say much. I think I'll let the pictures do the talking. Some of the dumplings had broth in them and were enjoyed with vinegar and ginger, others were desserts. Some were spicy, and there were also noodles and rice with meat dishes on the menu. Everything was so epically delicious, I shed tears. This restaurant is a must visit. Make a reservation and GO RIGHT NOW.

Din Tai Fung
1088 S Baldwin Avenue,
Arcadia, CA 91007

Steamed pork dumplings.
Pork chop fried rice.

Sesame noodles. (THE BEST)
Pork Buns.
Fried rice cake?
Black sesame dessert buns.
Red bean dessert buns.